I promised myself that I would savor a cigar each day...This is the only resolution that I have kept and the only realized ambition which has not brought disillusion.  ~ Somerset Maugham

Cigar Holders, Cigarillo Holders, and Pipes 

"A woman is only a woman", said Kipling, "but a good cigar is a smoke."

While we take mild exception to the former, the latter is universally true.  For the "paperless" tobacco afficianado, we offer several diameters of Cigar Holders, a lovely filtered Cigarillo Holder, and exquisite pipes of flawless design.
Cigar Holders

Cigarillo Holders

  • Meerschaum
  • Briar
  • Brumaire

Meerschaum Cigar Holders
(The Care and Feeding of Semi-Precious Meerschaum - and why you want to smoke with it though you do not yet know that you do.)
42-44 Ring, Small
46-48 Ring, Medium
50-52 Ring, Large

Each $45.99
Briar Cigar Holders
42-44 Ring, Small
46-48 Ring, Medium
50-52 Ring, Large

Each $65.99
Briar Cigarillo Holder, Filtered
A positively stunning piece for small cigars and cigarillos.  (A perfect fit for the Demi-Tasse, one of our favourites.)  
Ring size: 25   
Packaged with extra filters and a spare mouthpiece - accepts David Ross replacement filters, found on our Filtered Cigarette Holders page.  $49.99                                 
Butz-Choquin Brumaire Pipes, in Amber or Cobalt
(Mouseover to see alternate colouration.)
Unbelievably beautiful - a premium pipe for exceptional tobacco.  An all-time customer favourite and absolutely one of our top recommendations for gift giving.
(Boxed with cleaning accessories.)

  • Briar, Filtered
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Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders